Summer Lovin'

I’m never ready for summer to end. I love everything about it, even the suffocating misery known as Missouri humidity. 

Here are some of my all-time, summertime favorites: 

  1. Being barefoot
  2. Swimming - doing laps outside is so much better ;) 
  3. Gardening  
  4. Hiking - Do you have a favorite outdoor hiking spot?  We love Hawn State Park
  5. The Lake 
  6. Fruit picking 

What are your favorite things about summer?

Kevin and Holly really bring the summer-lovin’ spirit to life. Their session was a much needed reminder to slow down and enjoy the ones you love (especially those with floppy ears and wet noses). 

Jordyn & Auggie

The other day I read an article called, "What Do 90-Somethings Regret Most?" The title caught my eye. Who better to receive advice from than someone who has lived almost 100 years?  

To my surprise, they mostly spoke of times when their spouses were still alive and their children were young and living at home. The interviewer responded by asking, "Weren't those the most stressful times of your lives?" They agreed, but they also felt those days were their happiest.

This reminded me why I’m so passionate about photography. Really, it’s all about capturing memories. I want albums filled with pictures of my family, friends and yes...our little pooch.

"Their joys and regrets have nothing to do with their careers, but with their parents, children, spouses, and friends. Put simply, when I asked one person, "Do you wish you accomplished more?" He responded, "No I wished I loved more."

I hope to capture those small, special moments for you to look back and savor for years to come. They may be “the most stressful times of your life” but take it from a wise 90-something... they are also some of the happiest.

Go to my FAMILY page to learn more about Motherhood Sessions. 

Katie was so fun to work with. She captured our everyday moments and I will treasure those photos forever. She became part of our family for the day as she took photos of our daily activities. Katie made my toddler and I feel comfortable and she was able to capture his personality perfectly.
— Jordyn // Motherhood Session

Guerra Family

Hello!  It's been awhile since I've updated my blog.  I'm going to try and post more regularly and show you more sweet family sessions.  

About a year ago, I did a beautiful session with the Guerra's, an adorable family of five. 

With every family I photograph, it's always fun to see how kids have different personalities, even when they come from the same set of parents. I'm always thinking things like, "Oh, she looks exactly like her mom, but has her dad's personality." Or, "He's clearly the comedian of the family." I love trying to capture these qualities. It's those little details that make a family so special and unique!

I'm looking forward to do taking the Guerra's next session this fall!  

Hill Family

Photography has helped me connect to the sweetest people.  Katie Hill and I share the same first name and have an oddly similar last name, (maiden name is Hillis) but we also share a love, AKA obsession, for pictures!  I met the Hill family a year ago to photograph a sweet family of four. But now, this beautiful clan of four has grown to five! Dan, Katie, Caleb and Levi welcomed Emma Grace into the world last December.  So obviously, we needed to capture the first weeks of this precious new addition. Meet Emma Grace. 

Bobby & Casey

Bobby and Casey chose Hawn State Park as the location for their engagement pictures.  The trail parallels a beautiful creek bedded with rock and boulders. It was the perfect location for a fall engagment shoot. The drive was beautiful with Missouri fall at it's peak.

We hit the trailhead and headed up the path. A stretch Bobby and Casey have walked many times together. It has become a place they reconnect with nature and with each other. I love that they chose a location with meaning and sentiment.

The session was easy. Everything in fall mode, the water trickling and two best friends in love.

Take a walk in the tree and smell the wild air. Nature's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.”

Meckley Adoption

After 736 days of loving and caring for Liam, the Meckley's legally became a family of five!  I loved watching Liam charm everyone who crossed his path that day.  After all, how can you deny those big brown eyes? 

Congratulations Meckley Family! I know how long and hard the adoption journey has been. It's such a beautiful picture of God's love for us.  Thank you for having me -- it was truly an honor and inspiration. 

"The adoption took time, the love arrived instantly." 

Witte Family

When I do family sessions, I try to create more than a Christmas card.  I photograph the details that make up a family.  How dad holds his little girl's hand, brother sneaking up and tickling her, and how she melts into her mom while being held.  It's the little details that matter the most, that make a family.  These moments are the ones to remember. 

"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone." 

Valere Family

She specifically asked me if there would be snakes... I said no (confidently I might add).  

Well, we only saw one anyway.  And at least it didn't come super close to us... right?  Here's the problem.  I love fields of grass, green grass, dead grass I don't discriminate.  Throw in a sunset?! I'm sold. It's the perfect combination for a beautiful photography session.  

To top of it all off, an adorable family shows up.  Are you kidding me? It's a photographers dream...not the snake, just the cute people, grass and sunset. 

After looking at how well this session turned out, am I crazy to think running into the snake was worth it?

Ehrich Family

It was so fun photographing the Ehrich family!  There was so much joy within their family.  We did this photography session right before a lot of change.  One of the their daughters is engaged to be married and another daughter just graduated from nursing school.  Life goes by so fast!  

Hiner Family

Pictures are powerful.  They can take you back to that place in time.  What I love most is not how you remember the session, but how the images trigger other memories.  Those dimples that made it impossible to tell her no... because it was too much cuteness to handle.  Or the way they held their daddy's face... it hurt a little but he loved it.  Those are the details of life I want to remember forever because they bring joy, and joy brings thankfulness. We have so much to be thankful for.  

This is the beautiful Hiner family!  I had so much capturing all the joy and love!  I hope you enjoy these memories forever!