Meckley Adoption

After 736 days of loving and caring for Liam, the Meckley's legally became a family of five!  I loved watching Liam charm everyone who crossed his path that day.  After all, how can you deny those big brown eyes? 

Congratulations Meckley Family! I know how long and hard the adoption journey has been. It's such a beautiful picture of God's love for us.  Thank you for having me -- it was truly an honor and inspiration. 

"The adoption took time, the love arrived instantly." 

Witte Family

When I do family sessions, I try to create more than a Christmas card.  I photograph the details that make up a family.  How dad holds his little girl's hand, brother sneaking up and tickling her, and how she melts into her mom while being held.  It's the little details that matter the most, that make a family.  These moments are the ones to remember. 

"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone." 

Valere Family

She specifically asked me if there would be snakes... I said no (confidently I might add).  

Well, we only saw one anyway.  And at least it didn't come super close to us... right?  Here's the problem.  I love fields of grass, green grass, dead grass I don't discriminate.  Throw in a sunset?! I'm sold. It's the perfect combination for a beautiful photography session.  

To top of it all off, an adorable family shows up.  Are you kidding me? It's a photographers dream...not the snake, just the cute people, grass and sunset. 

After looking at how well this session turned out, am I crazy to think running into the snake was worth it?

Ehrich Family

It was so fun photographing the Ehrich family!  There was so much joy within their family.  We did this photography session right before a lot of change.  One of the their daughters is engaged to be married and another daughter just graduated from nursing school.  Life goes by so fast!  

Hiner Family

Pictures are powerful.  They can take you back to that place in time.  What I love most is not how you remember the session, but how the images trigger other memories.  Those dimples that made it impossible to tell her no... because it was too much cuteness to handle.  Or the way they held their daddy's face... it hurt a little but he loved it.  Those are the details of life I want to remember forever because they bring joy, and joy brings thankfulness. We have so much to be thankful for.  

This is the beautiful Hiner family!  I had so much capturing all the joy and love!  I hope you enjoy these memories forever! 

Ben & Lindsay

Oh these two.  

One morning, while Ben was hunting, he stumbled across an old wooden swing.  He took Lindsay back to the spot and she was giddy over how magical it was.  Later I get a text going on and on about this enchanting hidden place.  We hiked in and photographed their engagement session.  

Turns out, it's as magical and enchanting as she described.  

Chenoweth Family // Neighborhood Session

When we did this session, they were literally locking up the doors before the next family moved in. They bought this home (their first) shortly after their wedding. It's the place they brought home their son, celebrated two of his birthdays and watched him become obsessed with trains. It's the cutest house, on the cutest street but beyond the exterior it holds so many memories. We did a neighborhood session to document where this family started. Now they have moved on to a new adventure... together... because together is home.  

Brown Family

I’ve always been passionate about photography.  There’s something about this hands-on art form that has stuck with me over the years.  Recently, I’ve been working hard trying to figure out the direction of my business…weddings, couples, families, etc.  To be honest, families were originally at the bottom of my list.  I was happy for the job but that’s all I considered them, a job.  Ironically, I’ve stayed busy with family sessions and to my surprise, they’ve drawn close to my heart.  

Life goes by so fast, families change, children grow older and even our beloved pets grow grey hairs. I love giving families the ability to freeze time.  She will only wear those pink cowgirl boots for so long and he will won’t always fit on your lap.  All seasons of life are precious.  I know for me, I want to live a life that is present, free of wishing days away — though believe me, I often fall into that habit.  

So here’s to capturing the little moments — their age, those dimples, the missing teeth. May we never forget the details of life.