Family Session // St. Louis Family Photographer

I love all the memories these pictures hold for the McGowan family. They were taken right before their house was put on the market. Such a time of mixed emotions. You’re thrilled to begin a new chapter in your life, but you’re also grieving the end of another. They made so many memories in this house. 

It’s the place where they began to build a life together after their honeymoon. It’s not just a house, it’s the doors they walked through with their newborn baby in-hand. It’s where they learned the ins and outs of becoming a homeowner, a spouse and a parent.  

But they’re not losing a single one of these memories simply because they’re changing addresses. Those sweet moments of life will continue to be with them and it was my honor to help capture a passing glimpse. Houses will come and go, but a home lasts forever.

Katie is by far the best family photographer I’ve ever come across! Both times we worked with her, she was so kind, patient, and just went with the flow. As a mom of a 3-year-old & a 6-month-old, I so appreciate that. I will always treasure our beautiful photos & look forward to working with her again!
— Blake

Fresh 48 // St. Louis Newborn Photographer

A wonderful, special someone arrived a few days before Christmas.  No, it wasn’t a jolly old man in a red suit, it was a 7 pound and 15 ounce bundle of  joy. The birth of Rosemary Bernice was an answer to a LOT of prayers. That’s why I don’t hesitate to call her, “a little miracle.”

When I arrived, we did pictures with baby, mom and dad. Madeline was glowing and Sean was being a good sport letting me take pictures of him :)  After that, the real moment of truth arrived, meeting big sister. What a treat to be a part of it all, witnessing the Kirkland’s become a family of four.

Lone Elk Park Family Session

Fall family sessions are in full swing! I know how stressful it can be to find the time and put together everyone's outfits.  But I hope the final images reflect all the personalities in your family and become treasures for years to come. The Hill family and I met at Lone Elk Park earlier this fall for their session.  This is our third session together and I can't believe how much the kids have grown! 

Zoref Newborn Session

I loved spending the morning in the Zoref’s beautiful home. I was honored to photograph their newborn session! Between baby Fredrick’s tiny nose and his big sister’s big blue eyes, it was pretty much cuteness overload.

“No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.” -Unknown

Can we bring our pooch?

I'm what you call a "dog person." I'm not sure when this officially became an adjective for me, I'm guessing some time in my childhood. During the hardest moments of my life, I've had my dog at my side.  The presence of a good pup can be very therapeutic. So, when people ask if they can bring there dog to a photography session, I always say, "YES!" Dogs bring their family comfort, they make kids laugh and I find everyone is a little more relaxed. 

So, can you bring your pooch to your session? Please do! :) 

I read this in Kinfolk a few years back and it really sums my love for animals: 

"Few relationships are as available and helpful to our well-being as the relationship between humans and animals. The bond that is created brings value and meaning to our lives in a unexplainable, innate way.  Although there is debate over whether or not a dog is really "man's best friend," the significance of a relationship between man and dog cannot be denied.  Selflessness, loyalty, devotedness, unconditional love–qualities that are commonly found in companionship with a dog–are not often found elsewhere. Something special exists in this space. A comfort. A constant. A friend." 

Yetton, Elise. "Austin & Desmond"  Kinfolk: Volume Three

Jordyn & Auggie

The other day I read an article called, "What Do 90-Somethings Regret Most?" The title caught my eye. Who better to receive advice from than someone who has lived almost 100 years?  

To my surprise, they mostly spoke of times when their spouses were still alive and their children were young and living at home. The interviewer responded by asking, "Weren't those the most stressful times of your lives?" They agreed, but they also felt those days were their happiest.

This reminded me why I’m so passionate about photography. Really, it’s all about capturing memories. I want albums filled with pictures of my family, friends and yes...our little pooch.

"Their joys and regrets have nothing to do with their careers, but with their parents, children, spouses, and friends. Put simply, when I asked one person, "Do you wish you accomplished more?" He responded, "No I wished I loved more."

I hope to capture those small, special moments for you to look back and savor for years to come. They may be “the most stressful times of your life” but take it from a wise 90-something... they are also some of the happiest.

Go to my FAMILY page to learn more about Motherhood Sessions. 

Katie was so fun to work with. She captured our everyday moments and I will treasure those photos forever. She became part of our family for the day as she took photos of our daily activities. Katie made my toddler and I feel comfortable and she was able to capture his personality perfectly.
— Jordyn // Motherhood Session

Guerra Family

Hello!  It's been awhile since I've updated my blog.  I'm going to try and post more regularly and show you more sweet family sessions.  

About a year ago, I did a beautiful session with the Guerra's, an adorable family of five. 

With every family I photograph, it's always fun to see how kids have different personalities, even when they come from the same set of parents. I'm always thinking things like, "Oh, she looks exactly like her mom, but has her dad's personality." Or, "He's clearly the comedian of the family." I love trying to capture these qualities. It's those little details that make a family so special and unique!

I'm looking forward to do taking the Guerra's next session this fall!