Bobby & Casey

Bobby and Casey chose Hawn State Park as the location for their engagement pictures.  The trail parallels a beautiful creek bedded with rock and boulders. It was the perfect location for a fall engagment shoot. The drive was beautiful with Missouri fall at it's peak.

We hit the trailhead and headed up the path. A stretch Bobby and Casey have walked many times together. It has become a place they reconnect with nature and with each other. I love that they chose a location with meaning and sentiment.

The session was easy. Everything in fall mode, the water trickling and two best friends in love.

Take a walk in the tree and smell the wild air. Nature's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.”

Ben & Lindsay

Oh these two.  

One morning, while Ben was hunting, he stumbled across an old wooden swing.  He took Lindsay back to the spot and she was giddy over how magical it was.  Later I get a text going on and on about this enchanting hidden place.  We hiked in and photographed their engagement session.  

Turns out, it's as magical and enchanting as she described.  

Jon & Danielle // Anniversary Session in St. Louis

It doesn't get much better than Forest Park + two love birds + sunset!  Jon scheduled this session with me in honor of their first year of marriage. He told me was "trying to be a good husband."  Trying is all that matters! :) I loved documenting their friendship. They have such a comfort with one another.  While standing under the sunset, I asked them to express what made them proud of their partner. Watching their faces light up was special. Marriage can be hard.  Life can be hard.  But I'm thankful for those sweet moments that are easy.  Those little moments when you spin the love of your life around like a princess.  Those little moments when its just you and the one you love.